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“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece”

― Claude Monet

Our Great GrowIN's Mission

Great GrowIN‘s is committed to building a better quality of life for people by offering a variety of grow systems that allow all of us to enjoy healthier and more vibrant indoor and outdoor environments.

We are dedicated to offering excellent solutions providing products needed to feed our families safe, nutritious and delicious meals, as well as commercial custom and turnkey grow systems for organic, hydroponic, indoor, outdoor, vertical and roof top garden installations. Our personal attention and technical consultation will help you choose your perfect grow environment.

Smart. Sustainable. Beautiful.


Are you looking for a way to create a healthier, less-stressful home, work or institutional environment, a method to grow your own food, signage for your business or a work of art for a blank wall? Look no further.

Your answer lies IN the flourishing foliage of Great GrowIN‘s living walls and INdoor garden systems.

Our green team of professionals will help you integrate interior and exterior grow systems into any space, large or small. Whether your space is suitable for an exquisite greenhouse or you desire an edible living wall, we work closely with you, from concept through completion, to create a high-quality, energy-efficient, productive year-round growing environment that is specifically designed to fit your needs, space and budget.

Why Go Green? Why Not?

The benefits of going green are extensive: enhances air quality by reducing carbon dioxide carbon and increasing oxygen levels thereby boosting productivity and well being.  Likewise, more green spaces increases property values and livens up dull spaces in addition to reducing noise and particulate pollution. The benefits to bringing nature indoors or adding a vertical garden to a brick building are as great as the variety of applications available.

Limitless…that is the only word we can use to describe the many ways to bring more green into our lives. We are only limited by one thing…our imaginations. How can we help you achieve your goal? Large or small – we will help you create a green space any place.

Living Walls & Vertical Garden Systems

Choose a vibrant environment!

Imagine enjoying your own personal tropical paradise regardless of the weather. Extend your living space with a durable, energy-efficient, lifestyle greenhouse. Bring the green inside with a living wall to decorate a blank space with a colorful abundance of ornamental plants or your favorite vegetables to simply grow your own food year-round.

Greenhouses & Grow Systems

You deserve a break…

Top off your green living by incorporating a robust, retractable awning system custom-designed to fit your lifestyle or business features. Business clients benefit from creating a healthier environment adding more oxygen into the office or factory, reducing stress for employees and adding an aesthetically pleasing work of art with edible or ornamental plants.

Friendly and efficient customer service, educational resources and exceptional turn-key or custom designs using hydroponic or organic grow systems allow families to get growing and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from feeding loved ones healthy & delicious produce while saving money on the grocery bill.

Retractable Awnings & Accessories