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Just Add Plants

How can people living in apartments or senior living communities grow their own gardens? How can we grow 100% organic produce during the winter? How can we help people breath easier, stress less and be more content? How can we create private, creative spaces at home and in the workplace? The answers can be found in the diverse product line and creativity offered by Carmel-­based Great Growin’s company.

Urban Heat Islands

What is an Urban Heat Island?

Heat Islands are typically more densely populated urban areas lacking in natural vegetation. As a result of the concentration of concrete, glass, asphalt, and other modern building materials, these areas can experience increases in temperature of 2-5 degrees F during the day . . . and increases of as much as 20-25 degrees in the evenings, compared to surrounding non-urban areas in the immediate vicinity.


Extend your growing season and experience optimum conditions for lush plant life. Whether gardening is a hobby, or you wish to sustain your family with healthy, organic fruits and vegetables, a greenhouse can offer year-round possibilities to continue growing. Great GrowIN’s offers several solutions when shopping for a greenhouse. Whatever your budget, or dream, let’s work together to design the perfect greenhouse for your needs.

Retractable Side Screens

Patio umbrellas are great protection from the sun… when it’s high in the sky. As it sets, or earlier in the morning, umbrellas and awnings do little to shield your eyes from the intense light. Markilux Side Screens offer instant protection from low sunshine, wind and the prying eyes of neighbors as you try to enjoy your patio or deck.
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Be Open to Receive

When you are trying to make a difference and do good in the community by contributing resources, time and talent, providing for those less fortunate, occasionally there is a road block in the way. These human obstacles forget that in planting vegetables in a community garden is to harvest as much food as possible in an appropriate organic manner with the ultimate goal of feeding the hungry.
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Rugged Roomy Greenhouse

  Carefully engineered to perform in the harshest environments the 1.6mm profile aluminum frameprovides a stronger and more durable build than its competitors. The heavy-duty construction coupled with 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels results in outstanding thickness for winter insulation.
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Stylish Backyard Greenhouse

Engineered to perform in harsh environments, the Grandio Element's rugged durability makes it the most insulated of the greenhouses on the market and it's A-frame shape design is both elegant and functional allowing plenty of growing space.