Our trained professionals learn more about your vision and evaluate your environment in order to choose plant life that will thrive in your specific conditions. Our installation/maintenance team assesses the different irrigation and lighting systems required, along with container function or living wall structure, that will properly support your plants and enhance your atmosphere. Working with our design team is where the fun begins. It’s where your vision comes to life! In this phase we collaborate with you selecting color, style and size of containers, create a living wall plant layout that displays a WOW design or if you desire low-maintenance greenery, our moss art and logo walls are a classy addition to any space.


We work with organizations large and small in retail, healthcare, education, hospitality, restaurants, and in corporate office environments. We also service individuals in apartments, condos, senior living facilities, urban and suburban homes, and large estates. We work closely with interior designers, architects, contractors, and space planners on new construction and restorations. We also provide interior plantscapes for events like weddings, trade shows, conferences and other special events.

Living Plant, Garden & Moss Walls

Live walls are a beautiful and eco-friendly interior design trend, and we can guide you through every step of choosing which living wall system is right for your application, as well as proper installation a growing tips to get your living wall looking its best.

Self-Watering & Custom Planters

From tiny desktop planters to large tree planters, self-watering systems make it easy to maintain plants and help them thrive in any office, home, or public space. You don't have to worry about having a green thumb-its already built-in.

Vertical Gardens & Pocket Systems

How would you like to walk into your kitchen and pick fresh fruits and vegetables off your wall? Welcome to hanging gardens. They're hanging pocket systems that hold plants, and make it easy to grow almost anything, almost anywhere - including produce.

Free-Standing Grow Systems

Running out of room? Now you can create free-standing living walls with a self-watering system that will grow and thrive for years with minimal maintenance. It's a live wall, without the need for a wall.

Living Fences & Privacy Solutions

Green Living Fences are perfect for privacy and security around homes, pool areas, and privacy between condominiums and apartments. Plus, they add a pleasant visual break from standard walls and fences, and they reduce pollution and noise.

Greenhouses & Gardening

Whether gardening is a hobby, or you wish to sustain your family with healthy, organic fruits and vegetables, a greenhouse can offer surprisingly affordable possibilities to continue growing year-round, even in harsh Indiana winters.

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