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Garden Tower Project

Garden Tower Project is a small company with big ideas committed to socially-responsible practices at every level. Our mission is no less than to help transform the face of gardening and food sustainability in our world. Food security is more than just growing your own food, it is about growing healthy food. In an era of rapidly rising food prices and industrial farming practices that strip our food of its nutrients essential for good health, we believe the Garden Tower is one small step in empowering people towards their own food security.

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Grow Your Own Food!

Extend your growing season! Plants grow faster in the Garden Tower because they are protected in their own special microclimate and have constant access to nutrient-dense water. Water is steeped in a hearty brew of “compost tea” and “worm tea” via the vermicompost tube and returned to the soil repeatedly.  One unexpected bonus of this rapid growth is that you can grow a larger crop of spring vegetables before replacing them with summer plants.

How does the Garden Tower work?

Turns Kitchen Scraps into Plant Food

Pour water on the top to feed plants. Some of the water seeps through the holes running down the length of the compost tube absorbing nutrients from the castings and compost, directly feeding the plant roots and collects at the bottom drain hole.

Pour water collected in the integrated drawer back on top to organically fertilize plants. As this cycle repeats, water collected becomes increasingly nutrient dense. Nutrients made chemically available through microbial processes associated with worm digestion and aerobic composting can be used to produce new plant growth.

Garden Tower watering diagram
Water the top of the soil...
Garden Tower watering diagram
Water seeps through the compost, nourishing the plants.

Senior-friendly & Accessible

The Garden Tower uses potting soil sterilized to prevent weeds and plant-borne diseases. Thus, requires no weeding, special preparation or tilling. Vertical growing is easy on the back and provides simplified, easy, accessible gardening for use on your patio, apartment balcony or in senior-living communities.

Now, you can garden year-round, growing organic fresh herbs, flowers and veggies. Moreover, the Garden Tower provides a straight-forward and aesthetic composting solution reducing waste and allowing organic food production nearly anywhere.