How We Do It

Our trained professionals learn more about your vision and evaluate your environment in order to choose plant life that will thrive in your specific conditions. Our installation/maintenance team assesses the different irrigation and lighting systems required, along with container function or living wall structure, that will properly support your plants and enhance your atmosphere. Working with our design team is where the fun begins. It’s where your vision comes to life! In this phase we collaborate with you selecting color, style and size of containers, create a living wall plant layout that displays a WOW design or if you desire low-maintenance greenery, our moss art and logo walls are a classy addition to any space.

Living Walls

Plants on your walls breathe oxygen and beauty into your space. At home or at work, we will help design your living art considering which system is the best fit for your needs! Our professional installation team will construct your living wall efficiently with tender-loving care. Following up after installation, our horticulture maintenance crew will take care of your vertical garden regularly or educate you on how to care for your living wall on your own.

Moss Designs

Bring the forest indoors with an original piece of moss art created using one or more types of moss or lichen. Incorporate preserved plants and flowers to add color, texture and pizzazz. Our moss designs are maintenance-free – no need for water or lighting. These formerly living plants are preserved with organic compounds that protect the feel, texture, look and color of moss and plants.

Plant Containers

From rustic to traditional and contemporary designs, your pick of planters are fabricated from materials like clay, fiberglass, resin, wood and plastic. So many sizes available to fit any space. Creative or conservative, your plant container is a key component of your plantscape adding color and style to your home or workplace décor.

Green & Raised Roofs

Rooftops are the new hot spots! Turn that space, formerly reserved for A/C Units, into a useful outdoor living place by installing a pedestal and paver system. Or create a green roof garden to enhance the environment, protect the building and conserve energy. Living architecture incorporated in the built environment, provides so many positives and possibilities to the health and future of our society.

Artificial Turf & Greenery

Is that plant real? A question we get often, until you get a super close look. Our high-quality, realistic artificial turf, as well as replica living walls and plants, are so lifelike that they are nearly natural enhancement to any space – inside or outdoors. Our team will work closely with you to get the look you want without the necessary care of a traditional lawn or plantscape.

Installation & Maintenance

Our team of professional installers and horticulture technicians will bring your biophilic design to life and keep it living! We value your space and take care of it like it is our own. Our installers are considerate, kind and trained to build living walls, as well as place plantscapes and moss designs. Our maintenance crew will ensure that your biophilic design thrives for many years to come.

Landscaping & Hardscapes

Commercial and residential. Create a magical place for family hangouts, gatherings with friends or an inspiring place for employees to get out of the office with their laptops. Design your dream space and bring it to life.