Great GrowIN's is committed to building a better quality of life for Everyone.

We’re accomplishing this by educating others on the benefits of biophilic design. We design, install and maintain greenery in the form of living walls, moss art, seasonal porch pots, flower gardens, and artificial turf. 
We are dedicated to delivering remarkable experiences and quality products that clean the air we breathe and mitigate urban heat islands while creating beauty with greenery.
Great GrowIN’s provides commercial solutions, so clients can create spaces that keep the people they are responsible for healthy, productive and happy. Together, we’ll create the perfect Living & Working Spaces for all.

Stephanie Miller


Growing up in the cornfields of Carmel, I spent my free time outdoors climbing trees, building forts, gardening, and participating in sports. Upon graduating from Purdue University, I started my career as a news journalist. Then I became a freelance writer in order to stay home and raise my four children. During this time I felt it was important to teach the kids the value of gardening. Because of that, I taught them how to grow their own food and to see the healthy, joyful beauty of nature. My husband and I created Great GrowIN’s to educate people about creative ways to energize space with nature. This could include adding plants, vertical gardens, moss designs and greenery via biophilic design. When we install a new plantscape or living wall, it is a thrill to see our client’s smiles!

MIchael Miller


After 30 year as a traveling salesman mainly in the biomedical industry, I decided to plant myself. After meeting and marrying Stephanie at Purdue, we settled and founded Great GrowIN’s. I have a passion for self-sufficiency, sustainability, and mitigating the heat-island effect experienced in cities. Through green-roofs, vertical vegetation, trees and landscaping, we can control the rising temperatures in our concrete jungles. When I am not building a project or installing a living wall, I enjoy waterskiing, karting, and playing ball with our yellow lab, Mila. 


Sales Manager

Ever since I was little, I fell in love with the great outdoors. It’s what makes my life more interesting. With that said, working for Great GrowIN’s I have found a greater appreciation for plants and learning about biophilic design . After graduating from IUPUI with a degree in General Studies, who knew I would have a passion for plants and flowers. Through this job I get to create amazing plant walls, moss walls, and planters then see the joy it brings to our clients!

Add a bit of nature to your space with a piece of moss art created from a variety of preserved mosses and foliage. Complete with a hand-made walnut frame, this moss design was just the special touch needed for this formerly blank wall.

Makenzie Curtis Bio Photo_lo res

Makenzie curtis

Sales & Marketing

Ever since I started playing golf at age 7, I found a love for the outdoors.

Then, I graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a degree in Golf Management.

My puppy, Indy, and I joined the Great Growin’s team to help my mother Stephanie grow in the golf turf world. We do this by enhancing the space with nature and educating others on the benefits of biophilic design. I bring expertise in social media marketing, a knack for sales, and in-depth knowledge of the golf industry.