Our Mission

Great GrowIN‘s is committed to building a better quality of life for all humans by offering a variety of grow systems, garden expertise and green services that allow all of us to enjoy healthier, more vibrant indoor & outdoor environments. We are dedicated to delivering remarkable experiences and quality products that clean the air we breathe, help feed our families safe, nutritious and delicious meals, as well as mitigate urban heat islands while creating beauty with greenery and edibles. In addition, Great GrowIN’s provides commercial solutions, so clients can create spaces that keep the people they are responsible for healthy, productive and happy. Together, we’ll create the perfect Living & Working Spaces for your humans – employees and families.

The desire to improve lives…

by providing sustainable solutions for growing organic produce year-round motivated Michael and Stephanie Miller to find answers to these questions, embarking on a journey to help people create healthy, vibrant environments inside and outdoors. “We both have a strong drive to give back and provide solutions to better the lives of others,” says Michael. “When you consider the harmful effects of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and commercial pesticides, as well as increasingly limited growing space, adding plants to interior and exterior walls and having the ability to garden year-round are simple and vitally important ways to advance a self­-sufficient, robust lifestyle.”


Plots to Plates Organic Community Garden - Carmel, IN

The Merciful Help Center - Carmel, IN