Living Walls

Living wall refers to vertical planting systems which often cover entire walls with living plants. Of course, you can cover as much, or as little, of a wall as you like.

 Modern interior design trends use living walls to add interest to existing walls. Exterior applications provide energy efficiency to a building by creating added insulating properties to exterior surfaces.GreatGrowIN’s can guide you through every step of choosing which living wall system is right for your application, as well as proper installation a growing tips to get your living wall looking its best.Learn about the various growing systems offered by GreatGrowIN’s below.

Moss Walls

Multi-Species on each mat – Full sun or shade tolerant• Lightweight, easy to transport (shipped dry) – only 2 lbs/sq. ft. saturated • Water-proof backing, water filtering, LED grow lights & misting systems • Easily Installed at 1/4 – 1/3 the cost of conventional living walls • Sequesters inner city pollutants and purifies air and rainwater • Little to no maintenance – can go dry & survive, even in winter • NO herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers required

 Moss walls are an ideal alternative to conventional living wall systems. At around 1/4 the installed cost, our moss mat panel system can turn what was once perceived as an unrealistic project, into a very doable one. Our living moss wall system is incredibly easy to install, visually soothing, lightweight, and requires little to no maintenance.

   For a real head turner visually and huge cost savings financially, a living moss wall is a stunning way to turn most any outdoor or indoor living wall project into a huge success. 

Simplicity and Durability

Created by a renowned horticulturist, LiveWall® provides a durable and easy to maintain solution for vertical planting. The LiveWall system starts with a frame secured to an interior or exterior wall. Modular planters allow simple setup and repositioning of the plants. Irrigation systems simplify watering, and have been optimized for their indoor or outdoor environments. 

Sturdy Grid Installation

Vertexx® Living Walls combines a wire panel grid, mounted to a wall or stand-alone partition, with specially designed hanging trays to create an easy-to-customize growing system. Designed to hold GardenSoxx® or GrowSoxx® planting units, the hanging trays securely lock onto the wire panel, yet are easily removed for maintenance or repositioning of plants.The GardenSoxx and GrowSoxx mesh keeps your plants weed free. And, by adding an integrated irrigation system, Vertexx Living Walls are an easy-to-maintain solution for covering walls, fences and free-standing vertical installations with lush, green plants.Each Vertexx wire panel is 4′ x 8′, but can be easily cut to size to fit your particular application.

Hanging Pockets Offer Versatility

Florafelt is a lightweight solution for bringing your wall to life. At the heart of the Florafelt system is hanging pockets that hold plants. The felt allows water to wick from the top down through each chamber to keep plants healthy and happy. And roots can grow into the felt, allowing the transfer of moisture and oxygen directly into the root system.

Florafelt comes in a variety of sizes to fit any application. Simply hang the vertical garden planter from the hanging loops at the top of each panel and insert your desired plants into each pocket. It’s that easy!Plus, you can use Florafelt Root Wrappers to make planting even easier, and the plants can be removed and rearranged. 


Install drip irrigation at the top and moisture wicks down through the felt automatically, all the way to the bottom, for a low-maintenance watering solution. Of course, Florafelt makes it easy to water by hand for smaller installations.


The felt is made from recycled plastic water bottles, making Florafelt extremely durable. The nylon fiber will last for many years of growing. And the fibers breathe, promoting microbiology growth within the soil. The pH neutral felt is safe for all plants — even vegetables and herbs.Contact us to learn more about this exciting vertical garden system.