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The Holistic Home

December 7, 2021

“Biophilic design takes houseplants to the extreme by playing on our human desire to connect more closely with nature. The living walls, moss art and green panels found at Great GrowIN’s supply an innovative and energizing addition to any interior…”

Art District Business Grand Opening

July 8, 2019

“Projects like the 4,100 square foot, 4-hole community putting green installed in front of the newly revitalized Great GrowIN’s showroom is a terrific way to build community engagement in the downtown area…”

…brings living wall concept to Carmel…

October 13, 2021

“[Stephanie] Miller said her business is probably the first biophilic design firm that totally focuses on bringing nature into indoor spaces. Great GrowIN’s previously had a smaller space in Carmel but needed to move after a dumpster fire…”