Radious Marketing

Radious Marketing

Plants and Planters


Every creative space needs plenty of oxygen. Our client was looking to add some finishing touches to a recently restored workspace. We took it from just “restored” to completely transformed.

Radious Marketing wanted a creative way to bring life to a recently restored workspace which is filled with young and creative marketing professionals.



Great GrowIN’s developed a turn-key plan that brought lots of life and fresh air to all offices and common areas – even the kitchen!


Planters in the lounge area help bring a comfortable, homey feel to an area of the office designed to let employees relax and cut loose.

Conference Room

Palm trees in the conference room, planted in a chic modern planter – keeps it fun, but doesn’t get in the way of getting things done.


Large, modern planters and wild vines frame the transition from open-office collaboration space to more traditional offices.

Great GrowIN's


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If you do not see a planter that fits your style, email Stephanie at to customize your own!