Office Plants & Logo Moss Wall

Office Plants

A moss wall was not enough for this space. Emarsys wanted to incorporate more nature and life. To help Emarsys reach this goal, we added office plants around the office and common areas. 


Ficus Tree

Also known as a Weeping Fig, this houseplant enjoys bright indirect light. This tree is placed in the southeast corner with a building blocking the tree from direct light. 

Self-watering planters

The planters shown here come with an irrigation system. You fill the reservoir up with water every two weeks and the plants soak up the water as needed. 

Moss Wall

Moss Walls are an amazing, affordable low maintenance alternative to living walls in areas with low light or when your situation requires low maintenance nature. This classy vertical garden at Emarsys is maintenance-free. Made with a 100% natural and preserved lichen, it can be designed to fit any space and can be layered or shaped as desired to get the look you want, creating an amazing effect in a short amount of time.