Global Economic Summit

Global Economic Summit

Living wall & Live Plants

Plant Wall

Indiana Global Economic Summit

May 26-29, 2022

The Indiana Global Economic Summit brings business executives, government officials, foreign dignitaries and leaders from a variety of industries together. Thought-provoking discussions inspires participants to work together to drive transformative ideas, disruptive technology, and the economy of the future. 

This living wall was the star of the Economic Summit! Attendees admired the plant wall and took pictures in front of the plant wall. 

The living wall has about 1,200 plants installed. Great GrowIN’s used a variation of plants including pothos, anthuriums, and ferns.


There were many planters scattered throughout the Indianapolis Convention Center floors:

  • Rectangle Planter
  • Tabletop Planter
  • Ceramic Planter
  • Round Planter

Economic Summit Dinner Plants

STage Left!

Palms and ferns were added to the stage for a perfect accent piece… or a fun way to hide wires.


Dracaena Lisas were placed in a tall, glossy black planter along each column. The green light behind each plant added a fun touch to brighten up the room.