New Pro Containers

New Pro Containers

Living Wall, Moss & Planters

At New Pro Containers, a love for biophilia inspires the “forest-like” environment of this warehouse-style workplace. As a plant container manufacturer and wholesaler offering supplies related to the interior landscape industry, New Pro Containers is “rooted in the idea that every space can be enriched by nature.” The owners set an example, integrating nature into their office space creating a happy, healthy, welcoming environment for employees and visitors through biophilic design.

Living Wall


The different types of moss gives this moss art piece depth and character. The mosses used on this piece are:

  • Mood Moss
  • Sheet Moss
  • Pole Moss

Click here to learn more about the types of moss and their uses.



New Pro Containers supplied their own planters. When it came to filling them with plants, Great GrowIN’s was there to help!

Do you love these planters? Great GrowIN’s can get them for you. Contact Stephanie today! Send an email to for more information.