Social Distancing & Privacy Solutions

Social Distancing & Privacy Solutions


Hearty indoor plants placed in long rectangle planters separate the workspace to maintain social distancing, while purifying the air, absorbing sound, providing privacy and encouraging fresh thinking at this marketing agency.


Our client needed a creative way to provide a sense of privacy at workstations while keeping an open-office feel. Plants were the answer. And the extra bonus is that plants breathe oxygen into the air we breathe. Now the team can focus on their work when they need to and still maintain a human connection when it is time to collaborate.

Mobile Plant Wall

The mobile plant wall is easy to move around. It comes either one-sided or two-sided depending on your needs. There is also an option to have a plant side and dry-erase side to make notes.

Moss Divider

The moss divider can be customized to fit your style. The panels can be changed out with wood, fabrics, or different styles/colors of moss.