Chrysanthemums (Mums) – Care Tips

Are you looking for the perfect fall plant? Look no further! Chrysanthemums, also commonly known as Mums, are the perfect flower to brighten your autumn garden. Once these flowers start to die down, save your potted mum varieties for next year (see prune).

Type: Perennials. This means the flower may regrow every spring

Color: White, Yellow, Orange, Lavender, Purple, or Red

Light: Full sunlight during the growing season.

Water: Once a week, but be sure to let the water soak in. Poke holes in the soil prior to watering them so they do not dry out.

Lifespan: With very little care, mum may last 3-4 weeks indoors. However, with proper care, Mums may last 3-4 years.

Soil: Rich, well-drained soil. Moist and cool.

Fertilize: This will help the mum to grow back into a full blooming plant. Use an all-purpose fertilizer and fertilize on the same day as pruning them in spring and summer.

Prune: Pinch 1-2 inches from the branch tips 2-3 times during growing season. Do not pinch any closer than 3 months to bloom time.

Pests: Target the pest directly with rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to kill them. Or you can spray them off with water or applying insecticidal soap.

Special Care: To avoid overcrowding, replant the mum in an oversized pot. Most garden mums require at least a 12-inch container for the best support. Make sure the container has good drainage holes and fresh houseplant soil.

New Home: Mums will give your home 3-4 weeks of beauty. For more tips, email us at