Green Students = Positive Growth

Many of us know the benefits of learning gardens!

Healthier students, better learning metrics, active engagement.  Whether in a year-round Ceres Greenhouse or outside during the spring, summer and fall seasons…gardening is good for our children.

More than just your typical greenhouse, a super energy-efficient greenhouse contributes to the school overall. With a limited heating and cooling requirement, Ceres greenhouses reduce operational costs and maintenance while growing healthy food fruits and vegetables year-round.Most importantly, CERES’ solar greenhouse design and energy-efficient technologies present a hands-on learning opportunity for critical math and science topics:

  • Students to access a learning garden year-round
  • Teachers to fully integrate hands-on learning in the classroom, and take advantage of increased learning opportunities
  • Schools to save money with low operating costs, and create an green image for the school
  • Principles of biology
  • Building design and energy transfer
  • Light and seasonal changes
  • Heat storage and thermal mass
  • Seasons and growing cycles
  • Laboratory experiments

Brighten up every day with a sunny greenhouse filled with the plants of life. Decorate with cheerful decor and witness students, faculty and parents glowing with happiness and a new perspective on life.