Improve your shortgame!

Great GrowIN's recent partnership with SYNLawn is a hole in one! Combining the Great GrowIN's / SYNLawn forces will insure a beautiful custom artificial design.  Dave Pelz, a very well-known…

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Private Residence

Love these before and afters - we pulled up all the overgrowth, chopped up the cement sidewalk and replaced everything with artificial turf - which the dogs love and keeps…

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Living It Up With Vertical Gardens

Living walls, green walls, vertical gardens, plants on walls — the terminology is as diverse as the grow systems used to achieve the lush look of foliage increasingly being designed…

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Green & Healthy Offices

Good News! Good Business! Green Workspace Our latest report focusing on action in Offices, entitled Building the Business Case: Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Green Offices, was published in October 2016. The report features…

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Green Students = Positive Growth

Many of us know the benefits of learning gardens! Healthier students, better learning metrics, active engagement.  Whether in a year-round Ceres Greenhouse or outside during the spring, summer and fall…

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Just Add Plants

Just Add Plants

How can people living in apartments or senior living communities grow their own gardens? How can we grow 100% organic produce during the winter? How can we help people breath easier, stress less and be more content? How can we create private, creative spaces at home and in the workplace? The answers can be found in the diverse product line and creativity offered by Carmel-­based Great Growin’s company.

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Urban Heat Islands

What is an Urban Heat Island? Heat Islands are typically more densely populated urban areas lacking in natural vegetation. As a result of the concentration of concrete, glass, asphalt, and…

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Grow Rooms

Grow rooms provide the optimum growing environment for sensitive plants or intense growth, as well as prime starting conditions. Grow rooms by Secret Jardin come in a variety of sizes to fit any space or capacity requirements. Equip your grow room with lighting, ventilation and environmental controls to suit any type of plant.

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Green Living Fence Panels

We all like a little privacy, but why settle for boring wooden or chain link fences when you can build beautiful living partitions? Living fences not only offer privacy, but sound reduction and cleaner air.

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Retractable Side Screens

Patio umbrellas are great protection from the sun… when it’s high in the sky. As it sets, or earlier in the morning, umbrellas and awnings do little to shield your…

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