Grow Rooms

Grow rooms provide the optimum growing environment for sensitive plants or intense growth, as well as prime starting conditions. Grow rooms by Secret Jardin come in a variety of sizes to fit any space or capacity requirements. Equip your grow room with lighting, ventilation and environmental controls to suit any type of plant.

 Grow rooms are also portable, so as your needs change, you can easily move or reconfigure the room.

The Secret Jardin grow tents combine a sturdy structure and robust construction with the best reflective Mylar and heavy-duty, tear-proof canvas. Whether you need a small tent to start seeds, or a massive 12′ wide x 12′ long x 8′ tall room, Secret Jardin makes a grow room to fit your needs.

 Grow rooms are equipped with vent holes for proper ventilation using ducted fans or passive airflow, zippered windows and doors for easy access to the plants, and available shelving for multiple levels. Don’t forget lighting, irrigation systems, cable and hose management accessories, and airflow equipment.And when your operation expands, your grow rooms expand with you. Some Secret Jardin grow rooms allow you to link multiple rooms together, creating the perfect configuration no matter where you put them.Contact Great GrowIN’s to assist you in building the perfect grow room for your needs!