The Freedom Series

The Freedom Series
By Great GrowIN's

All-In-One Greenwall for any environment.

All-in-one greenwalls are the simplest and easiest way to bring beautiful plants and greenery into any environment, At home or at the office, there has never been an easier way to get a perfect, beautiful greenwall. 


Instant Effect

With no grow in time required it holds 21 plants.

Weight empty: 40lbs

Weight planted and watered: 120lbs

Easy Installation

Stainless steel unit hangs on a French Cleat. Built in trim, with no additional work required, just hang it up.

Integrated Watering System

Water is pumped up from the bottom reservoir to the top of each column of plants, then drips down to irrigate all plants.

Healthy Plants

The plants never sit in water and have time to drain and then dry before the next watering cycle.